Basics of getting started.

Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy, it’s the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.

The term wellness is not only limited to the physical well-being but also includes mental and emotional aspects of health.

Here in this blog, my motive is to acknowledge you all about the ways how we can take care of our whole body, not only externally but internally. However, I am not a professional fitness or health expert. I am just another curious soul as you who likes to read, research, learn and share my knowledge and experiences.

“It’s easier said than done! And to do something, the most effective way is to get started.”

So here are some basic tips that you can follow to get yourself started.

  • Drink more water- I know it sounds boring to most of you because it results in more frequent toilet visits but that’s how it works with twin benefits. Firstly, it flushes out toxins from the body making our skin clearer and secondly, it gets us moving more often.
  • Healthy snacking- Instead of munching on burgers or fries, munch-on nuts like almonds, cashews, groundnuts, walnuts, fox nuts etc but in limited amount.
  • Exercise- Daily or at least 5 times a week, exercise for 30-45 minutes to keep the body and mind active.
  • Internet/Phone detox- Go to a relaxing place in your free time or take out time for yourself, think about happy memories or your dream plans while sipping on to your favourite beverage. You can read your favourite book also.
  • Go out- Go for cycling, walking or light jogging on the beach side or your favourite spot if possible.
  • Take it slow- Don’t stress yourself. Good things and change of habits take time. It’s okay if you start slow. After all, our main point is to get started first.
And your body and mind are the only permanent things in your life.

An Ordinary Blog Introduction

Hello, Readers!!

I hope you all are doing quite well,however this year has not been very good so far! Still, somehow many of us had found a way to cope with that. After all we all know the fact-“Survival of the fittest.”

Well,enough blames on 2020🤓, let’s come to the point. So today,on this very special day(everyday is a special day) i am getting started with my first ever blog which will be all about fitness,health,mental,emotional as well as physical well being and of course motivation required for all of that.

Moreover, we will also go through some unique and of course funny life experiences or short stories alongside. I hope you all(or some of you,since i am also a human 🥸) will like my self experienced stories, tried and tested free advices as well. Saying you all(honestly to myself,since it’s day 1 and no one of you even know that i exist :D) bye for now. Take care and stay safe till our next interaction.

A mandatory motivation sort of image.